sacred temple style massage & body work with Chrissy

I love giving Sacred Temple bodywork and it is my absolute joy and honour to share my essence and touch. I am very passionate about my work and creating space for people to reconnect to themselves through the beautiful heart opening journey

Owning my own spiritual identity and rising into this powerful space. I have chosen to meet myself, made a commitment to go deeper rather than run away. I choose to meet all of me and open my self up to the vulnerable moments,or weeks,and dive into them, breathe into what arises and be open to where I need to change, surrender or love. I invite you to connect in more with your heart as I offer you my essence through sacred temple style bodywork. I work with my high priestess energy, channeling through my higher self, creating space for you to breathe, let go and surrender into YOUR most powerful self.

Chrissy 0488 178 150 (for an appointment)

  • Sacred Temple Massage