Shinrin-Yoku—Forest Bathing

A walk through beautiful forests, are so soothing and calming. We have both personally been drawn to forests all our lives. Feeling refreshed and at peace when immersed in forest beauty.

We feel so small, our problems seem so insignificant when surrounded by old trees. The smells, the sounds, the absolute perfection of nature. The absolutely stunning views of the majestic mountains, including Mt Warning. 

The term 'shinrin-yoku' or forest bathing is a practice observed by a large population of the Japanese. Studies have found that walking in and spending time in forests may reduce chronic illness like cancers, blood pressure problems, heart disease and chronic stress. 

With our beautiful walks, you can experience this for yourself. We also have a constantly flowing creek, which we find so calming when sitting or walking near it.

I personally love to sit and read at our creek. This place is so grounding and healing.

Shelly and Steve